Private 1:1 sessions for women who desire individual support.

Guided to meet the needs of each client intuitively, individual coaching, mentoring and healing sessions are available to support your inner journey. Individual sessions provide a welcoming, nurturing space where you are able to explore the areas of life in which you experience the greatest disharmony and disconnect.

Together we identify your needs alongside the thoughts, feelings and behaviours at the root of your dis-ease. You will be supported to grow a deeper relationship with yourself and create changes as guided by your inner wisdom. I offer an array of practices in meditation, self-inquiry, healing and self-care to help you navigate what is most difficult. Often what arises in 1:1 work is any of the below and much more:

  • A desire to quieten the busy mind chatter and experience less stress and anxiety.
  • A desire to better manage the emotional roller coaster of anger, resentment, overwhelm and self-doubt.
  • A desire to create space to prioritise and manage one’s own self-care and well-being.
  • A desire to reconnect and cultivate meaningful, open-hearted relationships with loved ones.
  • A desire for clarity and purpose in your chosen path in career and creative endeavours.


In essence, women just want to feel better! Happier, calmer and at ease.


It has been my personal experience and that of my clients, that when you create the space to get to know yourself, shifts happen. As the layers peel back, you are able to re-connect with what you truly value, discover what needs to change, learn how much you can handle and hold awareness of the habitual patterns likely to trip you up.


Open the door to conscious choice by cultivating awareness of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that no longer serve you.


Awaken your inner healer. Learn how to heal past hurts that keep you stuck in a cycle of emotional pain and take back your power.


Create a sacred kit of proven self-care practices that support you to maintain your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

What if the unknown path is the path that will bring you home?


  • Safe and supportive space in which you can show up fully as yourself.
  • Extensive tools for self-exploration.
  • Guidance through an array of self-care and self-healing practices.
  • A trained ear that listens for what is not being said and the patterns that keep tripping you up.
  • Powerful questions that will shift your thinking and help you access insightful solutions.
  • A kind heart and genuine desire to see you thrive.

Having walked the path of her clients, Liz brings an empathy and understanding of the shifts required to facilitate the process of inner transformation of body, mind and soul for greater calm, clarity and ease in daily life. With her qualifications and experience as a certified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, Liz brings together her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, self-inquiry, healing and self-care to positively impact the well-being of women.

Read feedback from past clients, class and course participants. Have questions? Please email me here.

The journey to reclaiming ones self is not pretty, its certainly NOT easy and is not for the faint hearted. But it IS do-able. Especially under the guidance of Liz. Her no-nonsense approach, judgment- free practices and unblemished guidance has been EXACTLY the right combination to help me get onto the best path for me and keep me there. The recurring thought is “lightness” when I think about the differences in me now. I know I’m not the only one who has noticed the changes in me and I am able to now look back and understand how I got to where I was. Thanks to Liz I am fully committed to this life-long journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and ultimately true happiness.

Tegan Cole


Contact Liz to discuss your individual needs. Session costs begin at $50 and are available in 30, 60 and 90 minutes consults. Please contact Liz here.

I contacted Liz when life was a bit of a muddle for me…I was on maternity leave from my corporate job with a baby and a toddler but had a niggling feeling like I had somehow lost my way. I struggled to work out what I should do from moment to moment and felt pulled in all sorts of directions. Liz and I embarked on a few months of chats and deep dives into some blockages I had created and while I don’t think my time with Liz is over, I certainly know what listening to your heart means (I thought it was some hokey pokey thing beforehand!). I am clear now on exactly what I truly value, what I need to stay grounded, how to practice self care and most importantly, what my heart is telling me as I have already found that, when you do, it leads you…well, home.

Tammie Miller


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