Fostering self-care, connection and balance in motherhood and beyond.

A call to mothers who find themselves trapped in cycles of pushing and doing. If it feels like you are continually pushing up hill, or that overwhelm and frustration are your constant companions, know that there is a kinder way to move through life.

How might you feel if you knew that women come into periods of creativity and meaningful service, through periods of rest and self-nurturing? In a culture where women attempt to do and have it all, it’s common to overlook the wisdom of your inner knowing and the natural cycles that intuitively govern women’s lives. If your intuition is telling you there must be a better way, it’s because there is!


When women create and serve from wholeness, in acceptance of the cyclic nature of our energy, emotional states and creativity, we thrive!


Whether you’re a working mama, stay at home mama, juggling business with kids, parenting toddlers or teens, prioritising a relationship with yourself is essential to maintaining inner balance and gathering your tools to navigate life. If you’d like to foster connection and balance within yourself, alongside manageable self-care practices, consider joining me this half day workshop experience.

When your inner relationship is flourishing, relationships with your children, partner, career and creative endeavours naturally flourish too.

Why join me?

  • Because the merry-go round won’t stop until you get off.
  • Because you’re tired of being tired (and cranky!).
  • To experience the shifts possible when you are mentored through awareness, choice, change and surrender.
  • Because you’ll learn to access your unique blend of inner tools in self-discovery and self-care.
  • To be held accountable as you foster practices that support your intention (and you know you need that!).

Because it’s time to experience the alternative to pushing through!


  • The hidden teachers; awareness, choice, change and surrender.
  • Understanding cycles, creative energy and meeting basic needs.
  • Establishing daily practices that cultivate connection and inner balance.
  • Exploring self-sabotage and practices that support forward movement.


“Motherhood is your mirror, your spiritual practice and one hell of a wicked teacher. If you allow it, motherhood will show you who you are.”

Expect to gain a deeper understanding of your needs as a woman, the internal patterns that sabotage lasting change, practices that connect you as a whole and the blossoming of new supportive gifts that foster self-care, connection and balance in motherhood and beyond.



WHERE: Palmyra Yoga Shala, McKimmie Rd Palmyra


BRING: water bottle, wear comfy clothing (we will be on the floor with cushions and blankets)