Do you wish for a place where you can just BE. Where you can drop the stress, worry and busyness and strengthen yourself in kinship with like-minded women?

Imagine a monthly gathering where you can let go of the day to day busyness, quieten your mind, calm your body and strengthen yourself from the inside out. Sacred gatherings where you can show up just as you are, no matter what you are navigating in your life.

All women feel a longing to find their circle. There is something incredibly powerful that happens when women come together in this way. Old stories have space to move aside. Feminine wisdom is shared. What we desire finds a way through.


Our first cycle begins in Autumn

Join us as we gather in circle with the intention to re-connect, release and replenish our hearts each month. The circle runs as a 5 month cycle of gatherings, followed by a month off before a new 5 month cycle begins. Think of it as a sanctuary in which you can intentionally slow down and remember who you are amid the busyness of modern life. A retreat from the outside world where you will be guided to quieten the internal mind chatter and reconnect with yourself.

In this space you can take what you need to support your own inner well-being. Using meditation, music, sharing and journaling, the circle will support you to reconnect with your heart, release what no longer serves you and replenish your well.



  • A welcoming space ideal for introverts!
  • A short grounding meditation to bring everyone into the space together.
  • Intention setting where you are invited to write down or share your intention. Examples of intentions: relax, cultivate trust, quieten mind chatter, commit to self-care, speak up…
  • Guided meditation to explore your intention and how you can carry this with you through the month ahead.
  • Open sharing including a simple releasing practice.
  • Relaxation meditation to close.

Show up . Be Yourself . Rest the Mind . Reconnect with the Body . Heal . Release . Renew

CURRENT CYCLE (Bookings closed)

DATES: Mar 10th, Apr 7th, May 12th, June 9th, July 7th

WHERE: McKimmie Rd Palmyra (Palmyra Yoga Shala)

TIME: 7.15pm – 9pm

BRING: Water bottle, journal/pen, shawl/cushion (optional)


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