Weekly Meditation Class (Casual)

Tuesdays 7pm Palmyra Yoga Shala


The perfect class for women who struggle to find the time or inclination to get still or cultivate a regular practice. If you are an overwhelmed mama, work a stressful job, want more “me time” or find it hard to shut off the busy mind chatter, come along and experience the deep rest that is possible in this sermon-free meditation class.


Class begins with two short spot meditations, followed by a longer guided meditation to promote deeper rest. Each class is designed to help you press pause, quieten the mind and calm the body. Your only task is to come along and let yourself be guided to relax. Without even trying, you’ll pick up some easy techniques to help you calm yourself and move more mindfully through your week.

“Skip the wine or Netflix and come and remember what it feels like to deeply relax.”

“Honestly one of the most peaceful and calming experiences I’ve had in quite a while. It was so lovely to be in such a safe space with a group of women who came from all walks of life, but who came together with the shared goal of creating time for ourselves, to slow down, and to be truly mindful. Thank you The Connected Life.”

“Dear Liz, thank you for my first ever meditation class last night. I was so relaxed which is not something I do easily since becoming a parent. Driving home I felt excited that this is something I am looking for and need to make my life better, easier and calmer. You have a wonderful and genuine way and I look forward to attending more sessions. Thank you so much.”


WHEN: 7pm Tuesday Evenings *May 2nd – June 27th

WHERE: Palmyra Yoga Shala – McKimmie Rd

COST: $10 *trial 1st class free / bookings essential


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Call Liz: 0437 016 202 or email me here

“I can’t be more thankful of the cozy safe space you created and it opened my mind. I finished the class in awe of how refreshed, connected and rested I felt, thank you so much for the amazing experience! I’ll definitely be back!”

“I am so grateful that I went to this led meditation class last night. I’ve had a busy week with work and family commitments and it was wonderful to be able to switch off and give back to me.”


I draw upon my training as a certified meditation facilitator, ongoing study and my personal practice, to create welcoming spaces for women wishing to cultivate simple practices that support well-being. In an effort to demystify meditation, classes focus on the practice of relaxing the body and calming the mind. This is achieved using spot meditations of just a few minutes and longer guided meditations to promote deeper rest.