The Connected Life offers a variety of relaxation classes, workshops and mini retreats to support your inner journey of self-inquiry, self-healing and self-care.


Cacao + Meditation

Spend an evening pressing pause to reconnect with yourself and your heart. The evening begins with a warm mug of ceremonial cacao before moving into a intuitively guided heart meditation.

Weekly Relaxation

Immerse yourself in one hour of deep relaxation and sound. There is nothing to learn, simply a willingness to trust in your innate ability to let go of tension and get still. Guided meditation includes binaural beats, sound bowls, chimes and my voice guiding you toward deep relaxation.

Kids Relaxation Meditation

Connected Calm Kids relaxation and sound meditation is a fun and relaxed introduction to meditation for children. Through the use of voice, breath, music, sound bowls and chimes, children are effortlessly guided to calm their body and mind.

Meditation Mini Retreat

Peaceful + Present is a 3 hour retreat from the noise of the outside world, offering space for deep relaxation, self-inquiry and inner listening. When you get still and stay open to what arises in stillness, you gather precious gems that can help re-orient you back home.