The Connected Life offers a variety of relaxation classes, workshops and mini retreats to support your inner journey of self-inquiry, self-healing and self-care.


Welcome in 2018 with an Inner Calm Relaxation Class

A prelude to our regular Thursday night relaxation class, come and enjoy this one off class on January 18th. I’ll share my three favourite anti-anxiety, stress-less breathing techniques and conclude with a 45 min guided relaxation accompanied with sound bowls and chimes.

Weekly Relaxation

A 45 minute class for those whom struggle to find the time or inclination to relax or cultivate a regular practice. Overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed? Experience the deep rest that is possible when you are guided to relax your body and quieten your mind.

Monthly Mini Retreat

Peaceful + Present is a 3 hour retreat from the noise of the outside world, offering space for deep relaxation, self-inquiry and inner listening. When you get still and stay open to what arises in stillness, you gather precious gems that offer sign posts to the bigger questions in life.