Space for self-inquiry, stillness and listening within.


Peaceful + Present is a 3 hour mini retreat from the noise of the outside world, offering space for self-inquiry, stillness and inner listening. When you get still and stay open to than which arises in stillness, you gather precious gems that can help re-orient you back home.

This space has been created for those who feel an inner stirring and wish to explore the thoughts and feelings that create obstacles to inner peace. Through a series of guided meditations and quiet space to reflect, you are welcome to explore anything that you are moving through at this time. Whether you are navigating a major life transition or the experience of overwhelm, anxiety, confusion or disconnection.

Initially you may discover that unease simply shows up as tension in the body. As the guided meditations move you beyond awareness of your physical and mental body and toward your emotional and energetic body, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and open yourself to any healing that is required at a heart level. The healer is you, bringing conscious awareness to your present moment experience. It’s not all serious though, we’ll also make room for laughter and illumination!

Peaceful + Present is for women desiring sacred space without the fluff or hype, in which to explore the spaciousness and clarity that arises when given the opportunity to be still.

Join Liz for 3 hours of presence in the sacred space that is self-inquiry, stillness and listening within.

You will be welcomed with an introduction by Liz and a brief sharing. For the remainder of class you will be guided into short periods of stillness, followed by the practice of self-inquiry and listening within. You will also have the opportunity to journal insights, share reflections and questions.

I wanted to share I now understand that to be in my body and be connected with my heart I need to learn to feel all emotions not just the happy positive ones. I understand I need connection to my deeper self again – my heart self. I have realised I give so much energy to everyone else !!! and that I don’t actually giveback to me in the form of “feeling” which would deplete my energy. I can still have self love and feel the shadows and darkness I have realised. ~ Lisbeth, Retreat attendee

“It is the bigger questions in life that drive a seeker to travel beyond themselves in search of answers.

Is it time to come home?”


  • a peaceful and welcoming space (held at Palmyra Yoga Shala)
  • warm introduction and brief sharing by Liz
  • connecting with the breath to support your experience
  • guided meditations to become aware of your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body
  • meditations are followed by periods of stillness, self-inquiry and inner listening
  • space for movement, quiet reflection and journaling insights if desired
  • sharing of experience, light refreshments and Q + A with Liz
“Thank you Liz for a beautiful retreat yesterday. My mind feels free & prepared for a busy week ahead.”

“I found yesterday’s retreat freeing. Thank you for guiding us to a place of peacefulness and self-knowledge.”

“Liz thanks for today’s retreat. It is the first time in a long time that I feel calm and somewhat in control.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with space to clear my mind and soul and just be. I’m so grateful for the world you’ve opened me up to.”


DATE: Sunday February 25th 2 – 5pm

LOCATION: Palmyra Yoga Shala, McKimmie Rd Palmyra

BRING: water bottle, journal/pen

*wear comfortable clothing


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