A community for awakening women; navigating life from the heart.

If you are coming into a new awareness of your self, your life and a sense of being connected to something bigger than you, welcome! As humanity awakens to new ways of being, no one has it all figured out. What matters most is that each of us has a safe space in which to explore that which feels meaningful to us.

Following my first awakening experience in 2012, life as I knew it began unraveling. Today I understand my gifts as an energetic intuitive and I’ve created a life in integrity with who I am. I’ve discovered the rituals and practices that support me to navigate the crappier aspects of growth and expansion and I’ve witnessed my relationships literally transform through my commitment to following the wisdom of my heart.

This path is not easy, don’t be fooled by anyone trying to sell you a quick fix. Awakening requires healing the unexplored aspects of yourself. It also requires that you cultivate a relationship with life and the unknown. That is why I created this space, so you can navigate your own way through.

Each of us desires to find our way back home. Heart-Led is a non-judgemental community container (private Facebook group) in which to explore the intuitive whispers that are calling you into alignment with your authentic self. A life that embraces the full spectrum of the human felt experience, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly as you awaken to new ways of being.


Join us if you wish to:

  • Practice tuning in to your intuition. Make meaning from weekly themes and how they play out in daily life.
  • Learn how to get out of your head and move toward a heart-led (authentic and self-guided) life.
  • Grow a relationship with your inner wisdom, the guidance that is within speaking directly to you.
  • Share and learn from the less sparkly aspects of daily life. Consciously doing the inner work!
  • Reconnect with the wisdom of your cycles and the cycles within cycles that teach us how to live with more ease.