“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” ~ Eleanor Brownn


Hey Dear One, are you able to fill your own cup before giving to others?

If you struggle with this, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. So many women today have run their well dry. They feel disconnected from their true path, they are busy, tired and have forgotten how to play. Many have assumed the role of everything to everyone and don’t know how to bring the focus back to their own needs.

In essence women have lost touch with the part of themselves that knows how to led from the heart. And many of you desire a space where you are free to explore this.

Over time I have found growing this kind of relationship with yourself to be sacred heart work.

The greater connection I have with the quiet knowing of my heart, the more confidence I have to follow its callings. When I follow its whispers, it has been my experience that life rises up to support me. I created this course to encourage all women to explore their current relationship with self-care. It will support you to create dedicated space daily to experiment with a variety of self-care practices, as you grow a deeper understanding of your self-care needs.


For the most part life is okay and yet you still feel

  • too busy to enjoy yourself
  • like something is missing
  • stretched beyond your capacity
  • confused about where to put your focus
  • tired…always tired
  • frequently overwhelmed
  • filled with self-doubt


Perhaps now is the time to be curious about the value of self-care in your daily life.

The Heart of Self-Care is a self-paced course delivered daily to your inbox over 21 days. Plus you’ll receive an invitation to our private Facebook group for additional support. Over 21 days you’ll explore 10 self-care practices plus a range of bite-sized, reflective pieces that will have you thinking more deeply about self-care.

If you desire gentle guidance as you discover your needs and seek new ways to support yourself from the inside out, welcome kindred spirit!



When women show up and do the inner work, shifts happen, healing occurs and lives change.


The Heart of Self-Care has been created to help facilitate the inner work of self-care.


You’ll receive 21 daily emails that include 10 self-care practices to play with, including guided meditations, play sheets and a few surprises! Plus there are bite-sized reflective pieces to evoke deeper thought and exploration of your current self-care mindset. Expect to set aside 15 – 20 minutes per day to get the most from the course.


  • Practice creating daily space for self-care
  • Become comfortable in your own quiet company
  • Discover new insights about yourself
  • Develop confidence in your ability to identify your needs
  • Identify and overcome the stumbling blocks to self-care
  • Gather resources as you create your own self-care kit



It is my heart work here to create spaces both online and through 1:1 sessions with private clients, supporting women as they do the inner work to create meaningful lives. If you feel called to explore your current relationship with self-care, you’ll find all the details below.

Thank you Liz for providing me with the tools, techniques and support to restore my inner harmony, contentment and joy on a more regular basis. Your course has helped me realise how easy it is to nourish and restore my emotional, mental and spiritual well-being on a daily basis. It also opened my eyes to how necessary it is to make my self-care needs a priority. I am deeply grateful for your wisdom.

Shannon Boddington


START DATE: September 1st 2017




 Is it time to reconnect?