An invitation to tend to your heart with an evening of sacred cacao and meditation.


What happens when your heart becomes the focus in meditation? In my experience it illuminates and softens the whole self. Combined with the heart opening energy of sacred cacao, your meditation journey has the potential to gift you a profoundly loving and nurturing experience.

You are invited to spend an evening pressing pause on doing, to reconnect with yourself and your heart. The evening begins with a warm mug of ceremonial cacao before moving into a intuitively guided heart meditation. Liz will drum you toward a state of deep relaxation, allowing the cacao to gently connect you with your heart and the wisdom and insights available when you make space to come home to yourself.

Check your expectations at the door and open to your own unique experience! No rules, no right ways, no meditation experience needed.

“Cacao embodies divine, feminine energy. It is a gift from Mother Earth that feels like a warm, cozy hug from an adored grandmother. Loving, nurturing and full of grace – cacao is a heart-opening and sacred plant medicine.” ~ Natalie Seigne


Open to all who feel called.

Bring a friend, shout your mum or delight in your own company as we gather to share ceremonial cacao before being guided to hold personal intentions for the evening’s meditation. There will be an opportunity to select a wisdom card from Liz’s Heart Wisdom for Awakening Women card deck to accompany your meditation journey. Allow yourself to be surprised by the effortlessness with which you are guided toward inner stillness, connection and clarity of heart and mind.


WHEN:  7 – 9pm | Friday May 25th

WHERE: Palmyra Yoga Shala; McKimmie Rd Palmyra

Bolsters, blankets available. Extra comfort items welcome.

** Cacao offered is organic, fair trade, vegan **

ATTEND | $45





As a meditation facilitator, intuitive life guide and energy worker, Liz Smith of The Connected Life understands the transformational shifts possible when people are given space to reconnect with themselves in a meditative state. Cacao + Meditation is a opportunity for anyone who feels called to journey within to experience the heart opening energy of sacred cacao.

Liz is thrilled to be accompanied by Natalie Seigne, energy medicine practitioner, nutritionist and clairvoyant for this unique event. Natalie will be sharing her beautiful ceremonial cacao as well as providing gentle, loving energetic support through out the evening.