Liz Smith ~ Founder of The Connected Life

Life Coach . Mentor . Meditation Teacher . Group Facilitator



As a mother of three children, I understand both the challenges and the necessity of creating a more spacious and balanced life. A life where it is possible to experience an inner sense of connection and purpose, whilst also remaining connected in your family life, working life and community endeavours.

In cultivating greater clarity, ease and meaning in daily life, first we have a responsibility to explore our internal landscape. When you know who you are alongside the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that create the greatest resistance, you can learn to navigate both the challenges and the beauty of life in integrity with who you are.

Simple practices when cultivated consistently, can help quieten the mind, steady emotions and support your well-being as you move through life. It is both my hope and intention that the offerings here, encourage you to create space in your day to day life to do just that.

“It takes immense courage to slow down.”

It takes courage to take a step back and look at what is going on underneath the busyness, over-committing, maddening mind chatter and an array of other habits that distract you from the possibility of greater ease in your life.

Creating the space to ask the hard questions and get to the truths in your life, is both a deeply illuminating and often painful process. You may find yourself asking…

What is really important here?

What am I not willing to look at?

What is my truth?

You may also wonder how to follow through with subtle shifts in thought and action to support the changes you wish to cultivate. This is the reason I created The Connected Life; for those ready to explore their inner world with the intention of navigating their outer world with greater clarity, ease and meaning.

When I reflect on the paths my life has traveled, one thing is true; each path led me to a simpler way of living that supports me to feel connected in service to my family and to the community.

Prior to slowing down, I spent much of my life trying to escape the busyness of my mind whilst riding the roller coaster of my emotions. For a while I found a false sense of achievement and worth in the corporate world. Only to then lose myself in motherhood. Always I denied myself the simple, joyful moments of stillness and beauty I dearly craved.

Gratefully a fleeting yet defining moment in 2012, allowed me to fully witness the extent to which I had become trapped in my own thinking. From that day I made a commitment to reconnect with the person underneath the layers of cultural conditioning and to live my life from the inside out.

My journey has taken many twists and turns to arrive at a place of greater calm, clarity and ease. Dedicated to the daily practices that support an authentic relationship with myself (meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry and healing), I’m grateful to be living a life filled with simple beauty and deep meaning.

How do you reconnect in a culture that seduces us to disconnect from our mind, body and soul? The Connected Life offers the possibility of reconnecting you as a whole.

The Connected Life supports change and transformation through growing a meaningful relationship with yourself and life.  Each offering is created with the intention of encouraging a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing space to facilitate inner spaciousness, awareness and connection. When you create space to get still, you open to the wisdom within to discover insights and unique healing gifts that can help you navigate daily life with greater ease. 


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BIO ~ Liz Smith is a coach, mentor, group facilitator and founder of The Connected Life.

Having walked the path of her clients, Liz brings an empathy and understanding of the shifts required to facilitate self-awareness, connection and balance in daily life. As an Intuitive Life Coach and Meditation Facilitator, Liz brings together her love of cultivating simple practices in meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry and healing to positively impact the well-being of others.