Whoa we have some stressed out, plate too full, fuse blown experiences being felt and lived out in the wider community right now. I sure hope you’re not one of them but if you are, you’re not alone. Many people have lost connection with their inner power, the source of clarity, wisdom and compassion that guides us to live well.

Are you one of the many that have reached that point of wanting to throw in the towel? I found myself hitting that space back in 2013 and again in late 2015. Times when hope for a better life appear dashed. When a clear way forward feels infinitely far away. Or the bigger challenges in your life seem insurmountable.


The truth is there will be days and sometimes days upon days, when it all feels too much.


If you’re reading this I am sure you are no stranger to feelings of overwhelm. Whatever your personal story is, there will be times when the urge to hide yourself under the bed covers and wait for an easier day is real.

When thoughts and emotions get the upper hand, you lose clarity and confidence. Unexamined fear stories will seduce you to throw in the towel and give up on making good on the change you desire. Giving up is a tempting option when every fibre of your being is stretched beyond capacity.

What if overwhelm is both the issue and the opportunity calling for your attention? The ignored exhaustion. The constant doing. The thoughts of unworthiness and feelings of guilt and shame when you’re not pushing yourself. Maybe your brain is just too full?


Overwhelm – Why Something Needs to Change

Overwhelm is the experience of excessive mental, physical or emotional stressors on you. When you’re pushing past capacity, when you’re stuck in a loop of obsessive overthinking, when your feelings all jumble into a fog of rising panic. When the objective becomes survival and you lose connection with your inner Self – the deeper part of you that can grow its capacity to ride out stormy weather.

Your current reality won’t change until you do. I live this, my clients live this, I know it to be true. Your power lies in how you choose to mindfully quieten a too full mind, calm a worn out heart and make changes that support you to live well.

If you want to begin the inner work of personal change, first you need to know what you’re working with and what you’re up against. In short you need to become the expert on you, your patterns, your emotional highs and lows, your stressors, your vicious cycles, your reality and your greater desires.


The Program that Changes Everything

In January I took part in a 31 day program that further expanded my perception of the brain, the mind, identity, the mentally maxed out self, the emotional self, the small self, the spiritual self, the true Self and what is possible for our lives.

My personal practice and my coaching work centers on bringing mindful awareness to the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that create your current experience. That being said, this 31 day program literally blew my mind.


Beyond the a-ha’s and countless insights, I received many missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle called life that I will bring into my practice and work.


If you often give up when attempting to change something in your life, you will learn some powerful concepts regarding your brain, your mind, your inner power and why it is not your fault when you quit. Whether it’s career change, changes to support your health, improving communication in a relationship, being more loving with your children or cultivating a mindfulness practice. Change is a process.


You can’t hope to master lasting change without devoting time to getting to know yourself, your brain and it’s habitual patterning and the you that extends beyond your mind.


It is not about trying harder, using willpower and a white knuckled, push yourself mindset. It’s really NOT!

It’s about slowing down, paying attention, making use of inner and outer resources and making good on your promises no matter what your brain dishes out mentally, emotionally and physically. Now you know why I enjoyed this program so much, it aligns beautifully with The Connected Life philosophy.

To be honest, it is a program for which there are no adequate words. Instead take a moment and read through some of the comments shared by past participants (of which there were 1600). If you desire change…any change, Training Your Inner Warrior will teach you what you need to know to follow through with it, no push required.

Will it change your life? If you show up for the 31 days, undoubtedly it will.