“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi


Being who you are is the greatest gift you can give the world. Yet it begs the question (and is the catalyst for many a seeker), how do you be real? This question can send you on a long and wild goose chase outside of yourself. Or you can let that question bring you home.

You are real every time you acknowledge you need to slow down. Busyness is a man-made illusion.

You are real each time you initiate a vulnerable conversation in which you voice your needs.

You are real every time you pause to feel your feelings.

You are real when you let silence speak.

You are real when you decide something matters and ensure your thoughts, words and actions honour it.

You are real when you admit you don’t know.

You are real when you name the pain and discomfort.

You are real when you put voice to the aspects of self you want to grow beyond.

You are real each time you recognise you have choice.

In realness, I don’t have the answers to your personal stories of pain. I have much empathy, supportive and nourishing pathways through and heartfelt love but not answers. Because what I know for sure is that true freedom comes from navigating through the pain, not by avoiding it.

Conscious Healing ~ You Play a Role

You can activate your own healing by acknowledging you have a wound that needs tending. Women, let me say it for you, your heart needs tending. If you find yourself withholding love, angry for no obvious reason, indignant, overwhelmed, grieving, abandoned or cycling through episodes of elation and clarity followed by periods of despair and confusion…your heart needs tending.

Last week I recorded a new meditation and you can access this below. You are very welcome to share this with anyone who may appreciate guided healing. If your head and heart are hurting, this meditation will help. It may not be today or tomorrow but the healing will come. It will open up a doorway to the tenderness that lives within you. Healing comes from within. It’s rarely a quick process.


Each of us is responsible for how we choose to show up in the world. I hope you choose to show up healed, whole and centered in your heart.


We need you this way. Future generations need you this way. It is safe to be who you are. It is possible to view emotions as an information system, without getting lost in them. You can start that journey below and you can share this meditation with anyone else who wants to be real.




** If the pain stories and trauma run deep, please consider seeking additional support by way a trusted doctor, counsellor, therapist or coach.