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Your gifts light the way to a meaningful life. Can your love of creativity in the kitchen spill out beyond the dinner plate? Can an obsession for planting potted flowers reach further than your garden? And a penchant for prose find freedom from the confines of your journal?

How much of you remains asleep to the very gifts that light your path? Refusing to awaken for fear of failure, judgement and the harsh opinion of others. Too scared to make the time. Too frightened at the prospect of stumbling. Yes, I’ve danced with this some.

As you move beyond childhood you learn to hide your deepest self. It becomes the safest option as child eyes begin to see and experience more in the world, beyond the joy of creating and being from a place that requires little effort.


It’s a little sad. That the things you love and could lose yourself in for hours, remain hidden. Unattended. Potentially lost. Forgotten.


In 2013 I re-remembered my love of both words and the inner process of transformation. My goodness do I love these two things! Today I remind myself every day. This is who I am. This is what I have to offer. This is what I do. This allows me to be. I will not let myself fall back to sleep.

So my lovely one, indulge me a little today because stretching into discomfort truly is a full bodied experience and I’ll gladly show the way. Allow me to share some words and when you are done reading and indulging me, I have one small request.

Seeds of Awakening; The Forgotten One

It was dark where it lay, alone and very much forgotten.

A seed of inspiration held within a coarse outer shell.

Unable to conceive any knowing of the potential beauty contained within.

Laying dormant in a body that had forgotten how to grow.

Amid a reality demanding more from this woman than she knew how to give.


Yet the yearning remained.

A daily craving that persisted through the morning and late into the night.

For a light to penetrate the darkness and nourish new growth deep within.


Over time the yearning grew louder to remember this long forgotten seed.

And on a day of deep despair, a flicker of inspiration moved through the darkness. Dancing around the woman like lightning bugs.


It asked not that she give, rather it asked simply that she stay.

And with those words a slither of light found its way through.


The light felt good against the seeds coarse outer shell. Warm now and with a sense of boldness, the seed called out again. This time the woman barely hesitated. Allowing just enough water to soften the earth in which the seed lay.

With the seed now satisfied, the woman felt her heart soften into a way of being she had always wanted and yet resisted.


With time and daily attention, the forgotten seed grew its roots deep into her heart. Expanding to a fullness that would bring the woman to her knees.

Taking form as a blossom of immeasurable beauty. A magnificence that would reach into the hearts of others, as a reminder of the forgotten seed within.

You have this seed within you. Nourish it with quiet space and an open heart. Be curious about the inner stories that keep it lying dormant. Perhaps you may even like to ask what it needs from you, in order to grow and blossom.

And when it does break open to share it’s secrets about living at peace with who you are and your gifts, share this secret with others. Share it through your art, your music, your teaching, your vision, your cooking, your inventions, your voice, your words…

Awaken your gift and share it. That is all.