Words are powerful. It’s true. Words have been weaving their way through my life since I was a baby. From a photo capturing me sitting in a laundry basket reading a book upside down, to endless days spent in my bedroom as a teenager, writing my feelings into poetry.

Words were my mainstay until I started walking the path of a responsible adult. The search for a reliable career, peer acceptance, a house, kids and the whole caboodle. For almost two decades as I adulted in the real world, words disappeared from my life.

This year I found my words again.

Not the words that should be written as prescribed by the world out there. No. I’m writing the words that must be written as they come through my heart. There is a difference and the difference is trust. I’ve cultivated trust that the words coming through me, are the words that need to be heard.

For the past three years I have chosen a guiding word to bring with me into a new year. This year as you may have read in previous posts, my word was DEVOTION. It was a word that supported me to commit to a range of practices that have been my saving grace this year. Everything has changed as a result of that word.

Just this last week through meditation, journaling and paying attention, my new word found me for 2017. It’s simple and it’s complicated and it can be easily misconstrued.

My word is SHOW UP.

Because it’s time and showing up is a follow on from devotion. Both intentions requiring a commitment to walk the unknown path. A path where your future life isn’t mapped out in all kinds of pretty but rather is paved brick by brick, as you learn to trust its rightful unfolding.

And while the old me can be heard demanding answers to the questions,

But what about your business?

How do you market that?

What’s your plan?

The new me gently shooshs her saying,

this isn’t a business, it’s a calling.

It’s a commitment to every woman who yearns to be seen, felt and understood.

Being who you are is all that matters my love

just show up and give what your heart has to give

so I will…

every day I will show up and offer the words and wisdom that arise from my heart.

I will listen deeply to my clients and guide them to witness their own inner wisdom.

I will create what needs creating because not doing so, would be denying the very essence of who I am.

It matters so much that women find the courage to be who they are. To examine and question everything they are not. And courage is found through doing the inner work.

Self-discovery. Awareness. Healing. Self-care.

2017 is almost upon us. If you identify a yearning, then for the love of all things truth, follow the yearning and let it unravel every last piece of you.

Your obsessiveness. The wild idea. Your desire for perfection. The stuckness. Feelings of inadequacy. Fear of judgement. Whatever you find there, bring it out of the darkness and into the light of awareness.

This is not about fixing, it’s an unraveling of your truth. It is not you who needs changing but rather your awareness of who you are. Because when you discover your truth, when it hits you between the eyes you will know. The year ahead is about coming home to your truth and finding your voice to share it.

As you do the inner work, committing to the daily practices that connect you with your heart, it will feel familiar.

It will draw you closer.

It will call to be turned over and examined in truth.

And what you find there will change you. It will change you by default.

Because once you know, you can’t un-know.

And the rest my friend is practice. To make your truth known so that everything you do, have and be is a direct reflection of you and your heart essence.

2017 is calling for women to follow the unknown path. To trust the quiet knowing that tells them it is safe to soften, slow down and heal. To find their voice and create their lives from a place of truth.

It’s already happening and you’re here perhaps because you sense it too.

You’ve heard me say it before, the old ways are no longer working. That is just straight up clear. Women are standing at the precipice of a new way forward.

No more dimming your light.

No more hanging out in the shadows.

Every hardship has brought you to this moment. You get to choose whether to follow the calling of your heart.

Here is the truth. We are made for connection, community and collaboration. There is no good reason to do this on your own. So if you haven’t already, take some time to get still and let your word find you. If you need additional guidance, I’ve heard good things about Susannah Conway’s free course, Find Your Word.

Once you have your word, let it light the unknown path for you next year. And if it helps, ask what you were too afraid to give yourself and let the answer be your next step.