“The trees that are slow to grow, bear the best fruit.”- Moliere

Pretend it’s movie night and you’re snuggled up on the couch to watch an old re-run. It’s your life in replay before your very eyes. Tonight rather than tune into the details of the story, you are mesmerized by the blur in which your life is happening, the exhausting pace of it all, your life as if in fast forward.

Truth; your life is full. It’s busy to the point of feeling suffocating, in an I can’t breathe kind of way.

You watch through to the end of the reel and wonder what was the story line. Where was the feel good punchline? You try to and yet you I don’t get the meaning of that movie? A life time of doing, with so little meaning in it.

So for the love of slow it’s time to press pause for a moment.

It’s time to remember what play, lightness and ease feels like because the doing of life may have gotten in the way. You’d forgotten yes? Then please allow me to reawaken you to possibility of slow.

Slow Mornings

Even if your little ones need to be out the door and off to school five days out of seven, there is a possibility for slow right here. Typically mornings can end up a bit of a rush, yet there is another way. The old me had a huge fear of being late. My desire to be punctual at all costs, turned me into a crazy mess, especially when I didn’t hit the mark. Let’s face it, with young children we often don’t hit the mark.

What you’ll need to be:

  • Organised. If you have only one hour between waking up and getting out the door, work out what you can reasonably achieve in an hour. Anything outside of that gets done the night before (making lunches, showering and clothes laid out).
  • Open. Be open to the odd day, when your best intentions will go pair shaped. If you have children, there are multiple factors at play and while you can micro-manage the stuff that needs doing, one unexpected meltdown can undo a well-organised morning routine. Be open to things changing and drop the blame game when they do.
  • Able to Re-frame. When it does all hit the fan, re-frame to “will I remember this morning when I am eighty years old, this being late once or twice, missing a deadline, being xzy?”
  • Curious. What am I missing out on when I choose to be flustered, speak sharply, raise my tone, and tighten my grip. What positive experience or opportunity am I not seeing?

You’ll also want to drop your shoulders and slow your breath. You might be late by someone else’s clock, however you will be rich with inner peace.

Yes, you’ll add some colour to the life on the old movie reel. You’ll connect a little deeper with your partner, your children, your boss or even that driver you let in before you on the highway.

Accept the truth that how you choose (yes I said you choose!) to start your day, is a good indication of how you will travel for the remainder of it. Each day is a new gift, a chance to start over and choose differently to the day before. If you always roll out of bed grumpy, try rolling out on the other side of the bed tomorrow because what you are choosing isn’t working for you.

If you have loved ones, set them up for a great day. Be that person who teaches them the responsibility of setting up for a purposeful outcome and just as importantly, teach them how to let go. How to breathe out when their world is closing in.

You might like to awaken the possibility of slow in other areas of your life.

  • Slow Meals.
  • Slow Learning.
  • Slow Growth.
  • Slow listening.
  • Slow Weekends. Don’t know how to do it? Ask me. My little family and I do them so well!

You have it within you to set a new pace. Drop the busyness and redefine success, by putting people at the center of your world.

When you cultivate an intentionally slower pace to your days, you will find moments in which to breathe deeply. I mean really breathe, right into the spaciousness that is always there. It was previously covered up with a bunch of distraction and ‘unimportant but kind of makes me feel important’ activities.

Tell me where do you see the possibility of adding some slow into your days?