Slow down, journey inward. Awaken to who you are.


The Connected Life offers meditation retreats, workshops and individual sessions to facilitate self-awareness, inner spaciousness, self-healing + awakening to new ways of being in daily life. Founded in 2014, Liz Smith is a mother to three children, intuitive coach, meditation teacher and group facilitator. She offers practical support, intuitive guidance and space for self-inquiry and healing, for those ready to consciously explore their inner world and fully embrace who they are.

Without pausing to look within, it is difficult to awaken. We continue to play the roles that both culture and our inner patterning has taught us to play. Our true nature remains hidden under the layers of the conditioned mind and our heart closes to the beauty contained in each ordinary moment. At the heart of Liz’s offerings is the space to awaken to who you are, bringing presence, wisdom and kindness to the disconnected relationship within your “Self”.


Open the door to conscious choice by cultivating awareness through self-inquiry; the practice of bringing constant awareness to your inner experience.


Awaken your inner healer. Grow your capacity to meet yourself and your individual experience of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in the present moment.


Identify and gather your unique healing gifts and practices that support inner spaciousness, steadiness and balance as you navigate everyday life.