The Connected Life offers relaxation classes, retreats, workshops and individual sessions to facilitate self-awareness, self-healing, connection and balance in daily life. Founded in 2014, Liz Smith is a mother to three children, intuitive coach, mentor and facilitator. She offers practical support, intuitive guidance and space for self-inquiry and healing, for those ready to explore their inner world with the intention of navigating their outer world with greater clarity, ease and meaning.


Slow down, journey inward. Awaken to who you are.


Liz understands how challenging it can be to consciously slow down and calm down in our fast-pace, disconnected culture. At the heart of Liz’s approach is the practical integration of daily practices in meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry and healing to bring presence and wisdom to the challenges modern life presents.


Open the door to conscious choice by cultivating awareness through self-inquiry; the practice of bringing constant awareness to your inner experience.


Awaken your inner healer. Discover your unique healing gifts to soothe and release the emotional and mental wounds that limit your experience.


Identify and gather self-care tools and practices that support you to maintain inner spaciousness, steadiness and balance as you navigate the challenges of life.