The Connected Life is a haven for women who hear the call to come home.

Everyday women who recognise an inner urge to slow down, reconnect and rediscover what matters. Women who crave space to breathe and a new way to navigate their lives with less push and more ease. It’s the call of the heart inward, toward a path of self-discovery, awareness, healing and self-care.

And the best of part of heeding this call?


As you explore the unknown path and grow in relationship with yourself, you’ll discover a well of wisdom within that you can draw upon, to live your truest life.


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Get to know yourself. Live life as an expression of your values, strengths, traits, gifts, passions and deeper purpose.


Open the door to conscious choice by cultivating awareness of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that no longer serve you.


Awaken your inner healer. Learn how to release past hurts that keep you stuck in a cycle of emotional pain and take back your power.


Create a sacred kit of proven self-care practices that support you to maintain your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Want to live with more ease?

Come then, you’ve got some exploring to do around here.



What is More Valuable than Being Real?

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi   One of the burdens/gifts of being an empath, is that I am able to feel/see the many truths that others keep hidden about themselves. I feel the tangled web of pain others weave. The mask and...
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Overwhelmed? Get to Know Your Brain + Your Inner Power {Offer + Giveaway}

Whoa we have some stressed out, plate too full, fuse blown experiences being felt and lived out in the wider community right now. I sure hope you’re not one of them but if you are, you’re not alone. Many people have lost connection with their inner power, the source...
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Beyond Busyness; Getting to Know Your True Self

“The only journey is the journey within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke   There is a ripple stretching out across new waters. Have you felt it? A ripple that has many women questioning what they thought they knew was true. About themselves, their roles and the frenetic...
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